Sideshift backhoes

The PowerAttachments backhoes suitable for skid steer loaders are specially designed to do excavation works in construction, maintenance and service lines (water, gas, electricity...), foundations, septic tanks, irrigation lines, etc., with 2250mm, 2750mm, 3000mm and 3250mm depth.


Pallet-fork with high visibility frame and two homologated FEM forks, useful for pallets load and transport with security, widely used in construction, industry, gardening, etc.

Vibratory rollers

Vibratory rollers availables with smooth or padded drum, Compactadores vibratorios disponibles con tambor liso y con tambor pata de cabra, high performance and great power, specially indicated for works in preparation, maintenance, conservation and repair of soils of all kinds.

Broom buckets

PowerAttachments broom buckets: for cleaning works in construction, scrap yards, recycling plants, etc., and for collection of milling material during the maintenance of roads and streets.

Industrial sweepers

Industrial sweepers, ideals for effective cleaning and maintenance of indoors and outdoors where is necessary a superioor finish, like squares, parking lots, streets, warehouses, factory premises, etc.

Cold planers

PowerAttachments cold planers, high performance in milling works, for asphalt and concrete, suitable to skid steer loaders with standard flow, widely used in the repair and maintenance of roads, streets, parking lots, factory premises, etc.